Dr. Michelle Speranza, Airdrie chiropractor, invites referrals from health care professionals in Airdrie and surrounding areas.
Interprofessional Collaboration

At Core Balance Centre, we welcome your referrals and strive to work collaboratively with our patients’ practitioners to optimize their clinical results. We understand that injuries to the upper neck can be quite complex and as such have dedicated our NUCCA practice to evaluating and managing injuries to this area.

NUCCA treatment consists of a set of protocols utilizing principles based on mathematics, physics, and biomechanics developed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). It involves an image guided approach to evaluate and treat misalignments of the craniocervical junction (CCJ). Due to the sensitive neurology in this region, injuries or instability at the CCJ can manifest in a host of different patient presentations, including headaches and migraines, cervicogenic dizziness, TMJ related dysfunction, trigeminal neuralgia, problems with balance and coordination, and disability due to neck and back pain.

One of the first visual cues that there may be a problem at the CCJ manifests as a break down in postural balance and control. The adult head weighs approximately 10-14 lbs. When this weight is shifted off center, the occipitoatlantoaxial joint complex is then held in a misaligned or stressed position by muscles and ligaments. This joint complex dysfunction can result in disrupted mechanoreceptor and nociceptor input and result in downstream spinal and pelvic adaptations to keep the body in an upright position. Outwardly, this may look like head tilt, low shoulder or pelvic drop, twisting through the shoulder and pelvic girdles, and development of a functional short leg.

Correcting the CCJ misalignment

Restore activation of appropriate postural reflexes.

By precisely correcting the craniocervical junction misalignment, NUCCA treatment aims to restore activation of appropriate postural reflexes. This in turn helps to return the body to a more balanced postural position, easing strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments.

Our Process

  • Our first step is to determine if your patient is a candidate for NUCCA treatment. We conduct a thorough consultation, including a postural assessment and physical exam.
  • If your patient is determined to be a candidate for NUCCA, we then proceed with a corrective trial. This involves a first adjustment appointment, during which specific images of the CCJ are obtained and analyzed, and is followed by a postural reassessment typically 2 - 4 days later.
  • The stability of our patients’ correction is then monitored weekly for approximately 6 - 8 weeks, during which a series of home exercises and stretches are prescribed. These are meant to help facilitate muscular remodelling to support the body in alignment.
  • As the body continues to stabilize, periodic maintenance check-ups are recommended to protect against the physical demands and stress of everyday activities.

To make a referral or to learn more about NUCCA and our process, please complete our referral form or email info@corebalancecentre.ca.. We look forward to creating a team of collaborating healthcare practitioners in Airdrie and the surrounding communities!

Airdrie chiropractor Michelle Speranza invites all health care professional in Airdrie and surroudning areas to refer their patients to her clinic.