A common condition often helped by Airdrie chiropractor Dr. Michelle Speranza is TMJ.
Jaw Pain and TMJ Dysfunction

Have you ever thought about how you move your top teeth? We automatically know how to move our bottom teeth by opening and closing our jaw, but we often become puzzled when asked how to move our top teeth.

We can help jaw pain

Your top teeth, being attached to your skull, move with your head, and that movement originates from your upper neck. Your top and bottom teeth are constantly trying to match each other, so when your head and neck posture becomes stressed, your jaw will try to adapt to where your head is in space. This can result in tension, clenching or grinding, and clicking and pain in the jaw joint. When left untreated this can progress to symptoms of headaches, ringing or pressure in the ears, breathing dysfunction, and locked jaw.

Properly assessing and rebalancing head and neck misalignments can play a critical role in managing TMJ dysfunction. At Core Balance Centre we like to work with your dental professional to help you achieve optimal results and stability.

Aconcussion can easily happen after a fall and Airdrie chiropractor Michelle Speranza can help.