A common condition often helped by Airdrie chiropractor Dr. Michelle Speranza is concussion.
Common Conditions - Concussions

In recent years there has been an outpouring of research looking at the mechanisms and treatment options for concussions. While once previously thought to be an isolated mild brain injury, more evidence is demonstrating a dual injury that occurs both in the brain and neck when someone has sustained a concussion. When measured, it has been found that it takes 70 – 120 g-force to cause a concussion, while a neck injury only requires 4 g-force.


Without treating this underlying neck injury someone may go on to experience prolonged symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and, yes, neck pain. Proper assessment and treatment of the underlying neck injury is critical to optimizing your concussion recovery.

Aconcussion can easily happen after a fall and Airdrie chiropractor Michelle Speranza can help.