Read about Dr. Michelle Speranza, an Airdrie NUCCA chiropractor specializing in Upper Cervical Care.
Dizziness & Balance Problems

The neck is a vital and complex region of your body that supports your head and allows your brain to communicate with the rest of your body. Located in the small sub-occipital muscles between your head and upper neck is a dense concentration of little sensors that tell your brain where your head and body are in space. This spatial information is integrated with the sensory information coming from your eyes and ears and allows you to stand upright on two feet and move around your environment without falling down.

Dizzy & Losing Your Balance

Stress in the neck, whether it be due to injury or poor postural habits, can change the sensory information coming from these little sensors. This may result in feelings of dizziness or light headedness, poor movement and coordination, and a body that is out of balance. Maintaining your sense of balance is essential to healthy ageing and addressing structural misalignments may be at the core of restoring this function!

One of the common conditions treated by Airdrie chiropractor Michelle Speranza is vertigo.