Dr. Michelle Speranza is an Airdrie chiropractor specializing in Upper Cervical Care, known as a Nucca practice
Creating Balance From Within

Your nervous system is at the core of how you move, feel, and interact with life. It is protected by a boney sheath comprised of your skull and spinal column. Over a lifetime, stress, accidents and injuries can create imbalances in your body’s framework, leading to a breakdown in communication between your brain and the rest of your body. The resulting effect is a body out of alignment, which may:

  • Look or feel crooked, twisted, or off-balance
  • Have problems with tense muscles, neck, jaw, or back pain
  • Experience symptoms of dizziness, light headedness, or headaches

At Core Balance Centre we start with balancing your body in proper alignment, then work with you to teach your muscles how to keep you feeling balanced long-term.

Alignment First!

Your body requires a strong foundation to function optimally.

The NUCCA procedure provides a gentle, measurable, and sustainable solution to correct underlying body imbalances that may be getting in your way. Following procedures set forth by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), we use a specific image guided assessment to evaluate and correct imbalances in the upper neck, allowing the head and neck to return to a more neutral position. This in turn, restores balance to the body, relieving stress and strain in other areas. A body in balance can move better, think better, and ultimately feel better!

Airdrie chiropractor Michelle Speranza uses the NUCCA method to help her patients alleviate pain.

Common Conditions We Help

Airdrie chiropractor Dr.Michelle Speranza can help you with neck and back pain.
Neck and Back Pain
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Dont' need to live with dizziness and balance issues - contact Dr. Michelle Speranza in Aidrie.
Dizziness & Balance Problems
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Suffering from chronic headaches?  Chiropractor Dr. Michelle Speranza is a NUCCA practitioner in Airdrie.
Headaches & Migraines
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Concussion is nothing to ignore - see Airdrie NUCCA chiropractor Michelle Speranza as soon as you can!
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TMJ pain?  - see Airdrie NUCCA chiropractor Michelle Speranza as soon as you can!
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Hypermobility can cause joint pain and other issues - Airdrie NUCCA chiropractor Michelle Speranza can help.
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